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Brotherhood of Shadows

As an ancient evil awakens, warriors honed in the depths of hell may be humankind’s last hope.

If you like complex characters, high-stakes suspense, and supernatural battles, then you’ll love Cathryn Marr’s highly sensual, fast-paced tale.



Soul Keeper (Brotherhood of Shadows, Book 1)

He’s a heavenly outcast. She’s a mortal woman with unearthly gifts. Can they ward off a rising apocalypse?

Fallen angel Luceire Garard has spent an eternity chasing redemption. So, when he’s given a mission to find and protect a defenseless young psychic, he jumps at the chance. But he never expected the beautiful woman who could help his mission to slam him in the chest with an impossible power.


Aurora Montgomery has always had a special connection to kids with disabilities. As more and more children reach out to her in pain, she knows she has no choice but to join the darkly handsome Fallen on a death-defying mission. But when a serial killer targets the innocent children, saving them may require tapping into an ancient, unexplainable gift.


As Luceire and Aurora hunt down the murderer, they discover his attempt to sacrifice souls could resurrect an ancient, indestructible darkness. And the only way to stop the end of the world may require shedding innocent blood.

Soul Keeper is the first book in a sexy paranormal romance series. If you like complex characters, high-stakes suspense, and supernatural battles, then you’ll love Cathryn Marr’s highly sensual, fast-paced tale.



Soul Bound (Brotherhood of Shadows, Book 2)

She doesn’t remember ever loving him; he can’t remember ever not loving her…

Brotherhood of Shadows director Jinx Falken has lived forever—and loved the Brotherhood’s only female member, mercenary warrior Solaya Lawton for almost that long. But Solaya remembers nothing about having loved Falken—she’s died and been reborn enough times that her memories, if not her brains, are scrambled.

When the mother of an extraordinary newborn is kidnapped, Falken retrieves the child and returns with it to San Francisco. In a desperate attempt to prevent the infant from being found again and hoping to jog Solaya’s muddled memory—not only about who she once was, but who they were together—he brings the baby to her. Which leads to the two least likely babysitters on earth teaming up to give memory, foster parenting, and evil a run for the money.

Despite her reluctance over having to learn to mollify a newborn’s every need, Solaya is first, last, and always a protective she-bear willing to die for the helpless and defenseless. Too late Falken realizes that he’s once again played into Fate’s hands and led Solaya along a path that will bring her to a certain—and this time permanent—death unless he finds a way to derail destiny and keep Solaya safe forever.


Soul Thief (Brotherhood of Shadows, Book 3)

A warrior who shouldn’t exist, a woman born of legend, and a prophecy that will change everything…

After nearly destroying the woman his father loves in Soul Keeper, Brotherhood of Shadows Book 1, dark ops agent Athanarius—Athan—has one last chance to redeem himself or forever wander the earth in limbo, unable to cross into an afterlife in either heaven or hell. It falls to him to pick up the mantle of the search for the woman pregnant with the child ancient prophecy says will lead the way to the next phase of human enlightenment.

His search leads him to Claire Thibadoux, a Creole woman who is herself something of a legend throughout bayou country. She is a creature of the dark, lush backcountry swamps and bayous, and seen only rarely as a kind of angel in the mist who protects and guides lost travelers back home when they come face-to-face with certain death. Now she hides the pregnant mother from the forces of evil that would take her child and corrupt his gifts to their will.

Though Claire is adamant that Athan’s presence will only endanger mother and child, when push comes to shove they must work together—not only to protect the unborn child and its mother, but each other from the frightening fate that awaits them.


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