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Brotherhood of Shadows Characters

Luceire Garard – Luc

Enforcer; Fallen from the Order of Principalities; Ekoa Krillu                                  (psychic vampire or psi)


Aurora Montgomery - Rory

Soul Keeper, seventh element, dancer, Dance Movement Therapist


Solaya Lawton – Laya

Sorceress; twin sister of Aseneth Lawton; many times reincarnated


Aseneth Lawton – Senn

Sorcerer; twin brother of Solaya Lawton; many times reincarnated. Neutral liaison between the Brotherhood of Shadows and the Council of Light.


Jinx Falken – Jinx

Leader of the Brotherhood of Shadows; Fallen from the Order of Principalities; Dugo Balang (blood vamp or sang)

Michael Beck, Dr.

Aka the self-named plague god Erra; Nousaine’s protégé; Nephilim heritage

Athanarius – Athan

Unknown quantity; son of Luceire Garard and Sophiel

Savitri Nousaine

Master of the City; Eko Krillu


Explore the Brotherhood of Shadows Series

As an ancient evil awakens, warriors honed in the depths of hell may be humankind’s last hope.

If you like complex characters, high-stakes suspense, and supernatural battles, then you’ll love Cathryn Marr’s highly sensual, fast-paced tale.


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