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Soul Keeper (Brotherhood of Shadows Book 1)

He’s a heavenly outcast. She’s a mortal woman with unearthly gifts. Can they ward off a rising apocalypse?

Fallen angel Luceire Garard has spent an eternity chasing redemption. So, when he’s given a mission to find and protect a defenseless young psychic, he jumps at the chance. But he never expected the beautiful woman who could help his mission to slam him in the chest with an impossible power.

Aurora Montgomery has always had a special connection to kids with disabilities. As more and more children reach out to her in pain, she knows she has no choice but to join the darkly handsome Fallen on a death-defying mission. But when a serial killer targets the innocent children, saving them may require tapping into an ancient, unexplainable gift. 

As Luceire and Aurora hunt down the murderer, they discover his attempt to sacrifice souls could resurrect an ancient, indestructible darkness. And the only way to stop the end of the world may require shedding innocent blood.

Soul Keeper is the first book in a sexy paranormal romance series. If you like complex characters, high-stakes suspense, and supernatural battles, then you’ll love Cathryn Marr’s highly sensual, fast-paced tale.


Reviews for Soul Keeper

Fast-paced, romantic, and suspenseful

4 Stars

I really liked the idea behind this book! Marr presented fallen angels in a way I’d never read before, forcing them to feed off human energy or blood. She also provided a unique and positive way of looking at non-verbal, or “crystal” children, giving them the ability to communicate telepathically and making them a large part of her story.

Markey O,

Educator, NetGalley

Sexy and Suspenseful!
4 Stars

I really enjoyed this book. There was plenty of action, suspense and sexy magical characters. The chemistry between Rory and Luc was great. It was sexy and there was enough steam between them without taking away from the story itself. Great range of magical characters, some with stories we know and others not quite what you’d expect. Plenty of room to grow each of them respectively. I am looking forward to book #2.

Highly Recommend!

Jayna W

Reviewer, NetGalley

A Big Fat 5 Stars

« Being truly immortal rather than just exceptionally hard to kill, he’d never thought of himself as someone with a life to live, but rather with an existence to endure. »

I can only recommend anyone who loves fantasy and paranormal to give this new series a try, I was sucked in and at times wondered where the authors wanted to bring me and in all I’m happy to have followed their trail.

I’m still left with a lot of questions and I hope the next books will be centered on Jinx ( even if I was not fond of the version of Solaya shown here), Senn and especially Athan, he is a character I adored to see evolve and I want to learn more about him and see him find his salvation as he is as much a victim to me as the poor children’s souls.

Elodie N

Reviewer, GoodReads

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“She was a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a package so bewilderingly bright and unselfconsciously sensual and sexy that he could barely think straight.”

Grim-faced, Luc strode toward her. “What the hell, Rory?”

“Chaining me to you without asking first was a bad idea, Garard,” she shot back.

He loomed over her, all dangerous and badass. Instead of shrinking, her spirit chuckled with delight. At last, someone to play with! She started to glow.

“The minute you stop needing a keeper,” he snarled, “I’ll consider it.” Reaching out with both hands, he captured the glowing energy around her, balled it into his fists, and stuffed it firmly back into her by clapping her between his palms like a cop might pat down a suspect.

“It’s not like you really need a tracker to find me, is it?” She heard the challenge in her own voice.

“Doesn’t matter. Until I can be sure you’re safe, you’re wearing my mark.”

She fluttered her eyelashes. “Solve the problem first, yell at people later?”

Luc grinned ferociously at her. “Looking forward to that.”



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