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Soul Bound (Brotherhood of Shadows Book 2)

She doesn’t remember ever loving him; he can’t remember ever not loving her…

Brotherhood of Shadows director Jinx Falken has lived forever—and loved the Brotherhood’s only female member, mercenary warrior Solaya Lawton, for almost that long. But Solaya remembers nothing about having loved Falken—she’s died and been reborn enough times that her memories, if not her brains, are scrambled.

When the mother of an extraordinary newborn is kidnapped, Falken retrieves the child and returns with it to San Francisco. In a desperate attempt to prevent the infant from being found again and hoping to jog Solaya’s muddled memory—not only about who she once was, but who they were together—he brings the baby to her. Which leads to the two least likely babysitters on earth teaming up to give memory, foster parenting, and evil a run for the money.

Despite her reluctance over having to learn to mollify a newborn’s every need, Solaya is first, last, and always a protective she-bear willing to die for the helpless and defenseless. Too late Falken realizes that he’s once again played into Fate’s hands and led Solaya along a path that will bring her to a certain—and this time permanent—death unless he finds a way to derail destiny and keep Solaya safe forever.


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