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Soul Thief (Brotherhood of Shadows Book 3)

 A warrior who shouldn’t exist, a woman born of legend, and a prophecy that will change everything…

After nearly destroying the woman his father loves in Soul Keeper, Brotherhood of Shadows Book 1, dark ops agent Athanarius—Athan—has one last chance to redeem himself or forever wander the earth in limbo, unable to cross into an afterlife in either heaven or hell. It falls to him to pick up the mantle of the search for the woman pregnant with the child ancient prophecy says will lead the way to the next phase of human enlightenment.

His search leads him to Claire Thibadoux, a Creole woman who is herself something of a legend throughout bayou country. She is a creature of the dark, lush backcountry swamps and bayous, and seen only rarely as a kind of angel in the mist who protects and guides lost travelers back home when they come face-to-face with certain death. Now she hides the pregnant mother from the forces of evil that would take her child and corrupt his gifts to their will.

Though Claire is adamant that Athan’s presence will only endanger mother and child, when push comes to shove they must work together—not only to protect the unborn child and its mother, but each other from the frightening fate that awaits them.


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